By Daniel Beath & Michael Wilson

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Cute Book, I like Mothman

-Dan's Dad

It's agood little chuckle before bed!


A Treasure!


They Keep killing them!



Who Are We?


What Inspired Stupid Heroes?

Daniel Beath is a proud Geek! His first geekdom was Stargate SG1 and now Doctor Who. When not geeking out, Dan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He believes in helping others become their best selves! He hopes this book brings you some joy!

Michael Wilson is a writer and musician whose love for science fiction and fantasy began with Power Rangers. An avid reader and comic book geek, Mike has been known to weave geekdom into his creative ventures. Mike hopes this book will inspire you to be creative.

One night while we were geeking out about the recent superhero movie, a question was posed. Why are all the superheroes smart? We got heroes that are either IV League graduate geniuses or crafty survivalist street smart average Joe's (or even both). So what happens when someone objectively stupid gets powers? Where did they go? 


Well since then we have been told there are some stupid heroes in both DC and Marvel. But that did not stop us! 

The Legends of Stupid Heroes was a four-year project which culminated in a collection of short stories centered around heroes and how their powers can cause some havoc as well as good. We all know that capes are bad even for the good guys. Well, so are certain unknown abilities and chaotic powers. 

We hope you find this book fun and it sparks the same geeky conversations we've been known to annoy our loved ones with! Be sure to contact us and let us know what cool stuff you geeked about!



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